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Steps needed to ensure security at border

Sunday, April 7, 2019
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America is at a dilemma with itself. Political ideology and party fighting has disclosed unclear confused issues with blurred facts.

The one issue that causes me to sit back from the television with shock and surprise is the southern border problem. Shock because what is happening on the border: Everything from social despair to drug trafficking to selling women and children into the dark and slimy world of sex trafficking to the massive numberof illegalimmigrants flooding into our country.

Surprise because individuals within our own country deny that we have a problem to further their own political party’s agenda while discrediting their rival party and doing so at the detriment of our great nation.

What has happened with this border issue is far more complex than we are presented on the news networks. There are basically two issues; border defense and immigration reform. The two are different but there is a symbiotic relationship.

We must have a secure border that stops illegal entry to America from anyone that does not have legal permission to enter the United States. There is a law, just as with every other country in the world, that states that a person must have permission to enter this country. If we have to build barriers, provide high technology for surveillance and obtain more law enforcement manpower, then this is the cost for living in the progressive and free country in the world.

Laws of the United States are developed by the United States Congress. We need laws on the books that allow access to the United States for the purpose of providing a service for the country. This could be agricultural support, manufacturing support, software development or whatever is required that benefits our great nation. The influx of these guest workers must be controlled and managed and must be at the pleasure of the country.

It is also important that America work closely with the governments of the countries from which immigrants are fleeing and help provide a better way of life for the people in those countries.

Congress must also fund these programs without additional taxes to the working man and woman to address the border is sue. It is unfortunate that we have to look inward for a financial solution but we have no other means to fund this except to cut from our own internal programs.

While we wait for better immigration laws and improved conditions within our Central American countries, we must secure our Southern Border. Last week 4,000 illegal aliens were arrested and taken into custody.

That is 4,000 arrests along the border where 1,000 arrests is a high number. The message being sent is that America is in turmoil and Congress is in disagreement with the President and it is much easier to get into America. American is flourishing, America is great and the border is fragile.

If it were me, I would make the trip. I would want what is best for my family and the perceived message from Washington is to come to America and we will figure all this out when you get here. This message is not helping and the petty fight to discredit the president is jeopardizing our national interest.

Next week we will take a look at the consequences of a porous border.

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