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The following is a letter emailed to Ruston’s Board of Alderman dated Oct. 8 that James Fuller requested- to also be published as a Letter to the Editor to the Ruston Daily Leader.

Ms. Carolyn Cage - Ward 1, Ruston, Louisiana; 243-2492
Ms. Angela Mayfield - Ward 2, Ruston, Louisiana; 243-0998
Mr. Jedd Lewis - Ward 3, Ruston, Louisiana; 548-1036
Mr. Jim Pearce - Ward 4, Ruston, Louisiana; 548-9422
Mr. Bruce Siegmund - Ward 5, Ruston, Louisiana; 614-4352

I am OPPOSED to the SALES TAX ORDINANCE proposal to be voted on by the Ruston City Council at the Nov. 5 regular meeting.

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