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LPPJ to hold public hearings


Two public hearings will be held Tuesday as the Lincoln Parish Police Jury meets on the thrift floor of the Lincoln Parish Courthouse.

At 6 p.m., the jury will host a public hearing for the purpose of receiving public comments concerning proposed road abandonments.

The roads being considered for abandonment are Alexander Road, Buck Branch Road, Grover Road, Hanks Road, Hayhouse Spur, Lake Foursome Road, Lester Road, Liggin Bluff Road, McFerring Road, Millie Road, Mill Creek Road, Murphy Road, Ruel Road, Shelby Road, Straughter Road, Washington Road Spur and Woodard Road.

Beginning at 7 p.m., the second public hearing will begin on the issue of considering levying increased millage rates after reassessment and rolling forward millage rates not to exceed prior year’s maximum millage rates.

With the conclusion of the second public hearing, the jury will hold their regular meeting.

During the meeting, jurors will discuss the adoption of two ordinances, including the adjusting and levying tax millage rates for 2016 and setting forth adjusted millage rates and rolling forward millages not to exceed maximum authorized millages for 2016.

The jury will also declare various items as surplus property and authorize advertise for bids.

Among these items are three passenger vans, several trucks, tractors and other equipment.

Three resolutions will also be discussed during the meeting, including:

• A resolution ordering and calling a special election to be held in Lincoln Parish to authorize the levy of special taxes and making application to the State Bond Commission in connection with and providing for other matters.

• A resolution authorizing the jury president to execute annual Public Housing Authority Certification of Compliance.

• A resolution authorizing the jury president to execute an Act of Release of Solid Waste Container Servitude in the Tremont Estates Subdivision

The jury will also authorize requests for damage compensation regarding oil and gas exploration activity before adjourning.

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