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Trump pushes border security, tour fencing

Sunday, April 7, 2019

EL CENTRO, Calif. (AP) — President Donald Trump headed to the border with Mexico on Friday to make a renewed push for border security as a central campaign issue for his 2020 re-election.

Trump, tweeting as Air Force One approached California, tried to blame Democrats for a lack of progress on the wall, which was his signature campaign promise yet remains unbuilt.

“Within two years we will have close to 400 miles built or under construction&keeping our Country SAFE - not easy when the Dems are always fighting to stop you!” Trump tweeted.

It was not clear what Trump meant by the 400 miles claim as no new border construction has been finished.

Trump also denied that he changed his mind about shutting down the border with Mexico, a threat he backed off on Thursday. Trump said he reversed course because he saw Mexico get tougher in stopping illegal immigrants from moving north.

“Mexico has been absolutely terrific for the last four days,” the president claimed, as he spoke to reporters as he left the White House. “I never changed my mind at all. I may shut it down at some point.”

Though Trump, who has pulled a series of about-faces in recent days, walkedaway from this threat to close the border, he still intends to highlight conditions at the boundary with Mexico.