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COVID-19 alters RDL print schedule

An open letter from the publisher
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Dear subscriber, advertiser, reader and our community at large:

These days of the coronavirus pandemic are uncertain times, and change has become the order of the day — every day brings a new and possibly major change.

While The Ruston Daily Leader is a business, we are also a news source and we know you rely on us to bring the facts without spin, rumor or conjecture. Nobody ever needed facts more than today about what’s going on in the community.

We intend to stay the course of keeping you informed as is our duty and our trust — but how we do it will be altered as have the courses of so many other local businesses.

Beginning this week, we will temporarily be printing and delivering only the Wednesday and Sunday editions of the Ruston Daily Leader. We will keep producing the Leader electronically in eVersion (no print version) on our other regular publishing days (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

Subscribers can read the newspaper on their computers, tablets and phones via our eVersion delivered to their email inbox, Tuesday through Friday and Sunday. Subscribers also have access to all content on our website at www.rustonleader. com. Non-subscribers can get a limited-information feed there as well, including COVID-19 information.

More and more readers are turning to our website — — and hundreds of you have started receiving our electronic replica, or eVersion, of the physical newspaper.

If you need any help signing up for the eVersion so that you don’t miss anything at all, please either give us a call at 318-255-4353 or see our “how to” video on our website or follow the prompts under “Subscribe” on our website. Our Facebook friends will be provided a link to our website’s public news feed, “friend” or “like” us there for your input.

You will continue to get these eVersions, unabated, during the abbreviated printing cycle we are announcing here. The eVersion looks exactly the same as the one we print, except it may occasionally have some extra pages. It arrives in your email box early mornings on publication days — and you can make the type as big as you want on your computer, tablet, desktop or laptop. You can read it anywhere you can get email. We will keep them coming.

All COVID-19 related news articles will be available to the entire community on our website as a public service to all citizens during this extraordinary news cycle.

We ask you to consider subscribing if you don’t already and we profusely thank you if you do subscribe — it’s one way we are able to keep doing what we’re doing. Subscribers have access to the full pack age of news and information written by our experienced journalists: T. Scott Boatright, Nancy Bergeron and Caleb Daniel; there’s also commentary and now uplifting and inspirational stories of our community people and events by our new Community News Editor, Cathi-Cox Boniol.

Better days lie ahead, and we believe that together we will get through this unexpected storm to the other side. Thank you very much — all of you — for your support in the past and even more so now, for your future support. That support makes all the difference — and makes our work worthwhile.

We are Ruston Strong, Lincoln Strong and United Strong!


Crystal S. Richard