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Amendments 2 and 3 pass while Amendments 1 and 4 fail

Monday, October 14, 2019

Note: this story is from Sunday morning's online-only edition covering the results of Saturday's primary election. The headline has been corrected.

State voters decided on four proposals to change the Louisiana Constitution, splitting their decisions by supporting two and rejecting two.

They rejected Amendment 1, which would have created a property tax exemption for certain raw materials and other maintenance items headed for oil and gas drilling work in the Gulf of Mexico’s Outer Continental Shelf, by a margin of 53% against and 47% for.

Amendment 1 was rejected in Lincoln Parish with 55.55% of votes for and 44.45% against.

State voters supported Amendment 2 to broaden how money from a state education fund can be used, allowing spending on three additional schools and education programming from Louisiana Public Broadcasting in a close 50%/50% decision.

Statewide, there were 612,253 votes in favor of Amendment 2 and 602,748 against.

In Lincoln Parish, 53.6% of voters were against Amendment 2.

Also supported statewide was Amendment 3, which will widen authority of the state tax appeals board to let the appointed board members determine whether certain tax and fee measures are constitutional, without a taxpayer having to go to court to settle a tax dispute. The Board of Tax Appeals decision could be appealed to the courts, or a taxpayer could still take a disagreement directly to court instead. That vote was 58% in favor statewide and 53.24% for in Lincoln Parish.

And voters rejected Amendment 4, which would have let the city of New Orleans exempt properties with up to 15 residential units from property taxes, as an incentive to create affordable housing, by a margin of 63% against and 37% for statewide.

In Lincoln Parish, 66.02% of voters were against Amendment 4.