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What should the Lincoln Parish Library do with LGBTQ books in the children's department?

In response to some complaints from patrons, the Lincoln Parish Library has recently removed several books containing LGBTQ characters or content from the children’s department and made them available by adult request only.

The library's Board of Control is slated to discuss the topic at its regular meeting Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 4 p.m. at the library Events Center.

Our poll asks members of the community: what do you think should be done with these materials? Should they be returned to the shelves like other books, kept available by request only, or removed entirely?

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Return the books to the children's department shelves
68% (1113 votes)
Keep the books in a reserve section by adult request only
17% (282 votes)
Remove the books from the catalogue altogether
16% (268 votes)
Total votes: 1644