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Lincoln Parish Police Jury — Aug. 13, 2019


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Lincoln Parish Police Jury regular meeting on Aug. 13, 2019. Starting times for each agenda item are below. 

Public hearing to discuss millage rates: 0:00

Property Assessment Board of Review: 14:35

Appointment – Mr. Scott Futrell to Waterworks District No. 1 (5 year term): 17:35

Adoption of Ordinances Levying Tax Millage Rates for 2019

- General Alimony millage: 18:35

- For the Construction, Improvement and/or Hardsurfacing of Public Roads and Bridges in Lincoln Parish: 20:45 

- For the Maintenance and/or Improvements of Public Roads and Bridges in Lincoln Parish: 21:40

- For the Operating, Maintaining, Constructing and Supporting a Public Library and Its Branches in Lincoln Parish: 22:21

- For the Purpose of Constructing, Improving and Acquiring Equipment and Furniture For The Public Library in Lincoln Parish: 23:06

Schedule Public Hearing for Section 8 Housing Assistance Program: 24:10

Resolution authorizing President to Execute Annual Public Housing Authority Certifications of Compliance: 25:05

Requesting the Assistance of the Lincoln Parish Legislative Delegation and the Police Jury Association of Louisiana Regarding Existing Severance Tax Exemptions: 25:50

Budget To Actual – Mrs. Holly Lowry, Treasurer: 36:00

Committee reports: 40:48

Other reports: 45:10

Public comment: 1:02:00