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Who is your favorite nurse?

Friday, May 7, 2021

My favorite nurse is Kim Edmiston. She works at Green Clinic for Dr. Blackwelder. Kim is always cheerful, efficient and professional. She does whatever it takes to care for her patients. Kim works on her days off because she is dedicated to her profession. She definitely chose the right career for her loving personality.


Brooke Robinson is the best nurse! Not only is she the weekend RN supervisor at Alpine, but she is also the CNA instructor at Ruston High School. I have known Brooke since college. Brooke is dedicated to her craft. She knew what she wanted to do as soon as she stepped foot on Louisiana Tech Campus. She is a natural caregiver. She was born for this profession.

Brooke works tirelessly every weekend at Alpine Nursing Home caring for the elderly and then Monday-Friday she works at Ruston High. My dad is currently at Alpine and cannot wait for the weekend when Brooke comes to check on him. She talks to her patients. She listens to her patients. And honestly some of the best medicine is just having someone to talk to. She truly cares about her patients! She is also a natural teacher when it come to her craft. What better way to learn how to become a CNA than taking them into the field! She trains a class of students every year and brings them into the nursing homes to share her love for her profession. She is an amazing teacher as well! She relates to the students and they love her for it!

Brooke wears many hats! She is a single mom of two boys, she is a nurse, and she is a teacher. Not many people can say they work three different jobs every week and do them all well!