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Spelling bee winner headed to regionals

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Spelling bee winners were Sarfraz Ahmed, sixth grade in second place, Nicole Brashear, eighth grade in third place, and Audrey Miler, fourth grade in first place. 

American history

essay winners

• Fifth grade — Winner, Graham Hanes; Sarah Riggle, second place; Chelsea Johnson, third place

• Sixth grade — Winner, Sarfraz Ahmed; Treysten Dowdy, second; Jaina Robinson, third

• Seventh grade — Winner, Elizabeth Guinn; Samantha Funderburk, second; Madison Hoffman, third

• Eighth grade — Winner, Hannah McNew; Sam Rudnicki, second; Kay-Lynn Klug, third
The DAR Good Citizen award winner for 2010-11 is Addie Barron.


Cedar Creek concluded its spelling bee to determine a champion to send to the regional competition on Feb. 19. The results of the spell-off are Nicole Brashear, eighth grade in third place, Sarfraz Ahmed, sixth grade in second place and Audrey Miler, fourth grade in first place.  Audrey will represent Cedar Creek in February as our champion.  

Student of Year Candidates 

Congratulations to Melissa Riggle and Addie Barron, candidates chosen to represent Cedar Creek in the Louisiana Student of the Year competition. Good luck in the competition on district and state levels.  


Kindergarten has been learning the sounds of single phonograms, putting these sounds together to make words and reading books that are fun and exciting. We enjoy learning new snap words each week that help us read fluently. We have been writing daily in our journals and share them with our classmates. Calendar math is always a part of our day, and we are fast approaching 100 days of kindergarten. We look forward to our 100-day Museum, as we will bring our 100 items project to school to display. Winter weather is wonderful, and we are enjoying many stories in our classrooms about snow and winter animals.

First grade

First-grade students are excited about the second half of the school year. They are working with geo-shapes, states of matter and began taking timed tests. All students attended the AR store for the first time and spent their points on rewards. 

Second grade 

Second grade is identifying cause and effect within a story. In math we are improving our time-telling skills. We now know how to tell time to the five-minute intervals. After having social studies for the first half of the year, we have moved onto science for the second semester. We learned about recycling, reusing and reducing during the past two weeks. We were amazed at how long it takes some things to decompose in a landfill. We all want to recycle and conserve to keep our world beautiful and healthy.  You should do the same! 

Third grade

We have studied adjectives in language, and now we’re practicing being as specific as possible. “Wonderful, amazing, fast” were some adjectives we used to describe our Christmas vacations. “Graceful, entertaining, beautiful” described our third- grade girls who danced in “Christmas in Neverland” in Monroe. Learning the first 50 multiplication facts was “easy, cool, logical” While studying about food and digestion in science class, we’ve used the adjectives “salivary, nutritious and fortified.” We are now doing all our subjects in cursive writing, and some of us have work that is “beautiful, neat and perfect,” while a few of us are “messy, sloppy and careless.” Maybe our teachers will agree to “repack those adjectives.”

Fourth grade 

Fourth-graders are currently working on a cross-curricular project. During the next few weeks, they will read and report on a biography. In addition, they will create a puppet in art class representative of the biography character. The finished project will be ready for display when grandparents visit on Feb. 10. 

Fifth grade

We have just completed construction of our book jackets/posters for our realistic fiction book reports. We also are engaged in our first literature circle book, “Sign of the Beaver.” 


Our club members made Christmas lapel pins during our December club meeting, which our officers delivered to residents at Princeton Place, one of our adopt-a-school partners. Mrs. Griffin, director of CCA, spoke at our January meeting. She provided information about CCA: organization, donations and requirements for participation. Her information made us more aware of the need for assistance in our own community. Our club members donated jars of peanut butter to CCA for the month of January. 

Geography bee

The Cedar Creek National Geographic Geography Bee was held on Jan. 14. Our third place winner was D.J. Gray, second place was Austin Pike and the school winner was Brandon Carroll. Brandon will now complete a written examination that will be scored against all other Louisiana school winners. The students with the highest scores on this exam will compete in Baton Rouge later this spring where the overall winner from Louisiana will be chosen. Congratulations to these students. 


Physics students at Cedar Creek School have recently completed engineering design projects for a class competition to highlight their study of mechanics. 

College prep students designed small “vehicles” that were powered from three standard rubber bands (no other source of energy was permitted).  The objective of the contest was to build a vehicle that would travel the greatest distance on a flat surface.  The vehicle had to travel with all of its parts, so students could not build a launching device that stayed behind. Vehicles could not be longer than 50 centimeters in any dimension and had to have a minimum mass.  Most groups built cars, though a rolling “ball” also made an appearance. The winning vehicle traveled more than 14 meters (45 feet).

Advanced honors students worked in groups to design and build windmill elevators intended to lift loads of paper clips from the floor to a tabletop. The machines were run using only the moving air from an electric fan, and the devices could not exceed 1.0 meter in any dimension. The competition score was based on power, which combines the weight of the load and the speed at which the load is lifted. Every elevator was successful at lifting paperclips to the table, and the winning entry produced more than 170 milliwatts of power (lifting approximately 500 paperclips in less than eight seconds).  A number of the windmills were decorated with seasonal details including lights, wrapping paper and even a nativity scene.

These projects gave students an opportunity to apply their physics knowledge in a practical way and also introduced them to basic concepts of engineering and design. 


There are four players returning who made it to the state tournament last season. Katie Stuckey and Nicole Nammour played doubles. Gavin Coates and Marissa Lee played singles. Marissa made it all the way to the semi-finals. This year we will play many teams from the area: Ruston High, Choudrant High, St. Frederick and Ouachita Christian are just a few.  Varsity and junior varsity matches will begin in late February and end with the regional tournament April 25-26. Head coach Tommy Smith and assistant coach Jared Little are looking forward to this season.

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