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Louisiana — economic growth is the cure for what ails our state

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Question: I raised my children here in Louisiana, and I will never leave. But my children have all grown and every one of them has left our state. I don’t think they would have left if they could have found good jobs here. What can we do to get more jobs in Louisiana?

Answer: The same way you got your kids here in the first place – give birth to them.
A few years ago, University of Louisiana at Monroe invited Steve Forbes, third generation owner of Forbes Magazine, to the Monroe campus as part of a distinguished speaker series.
After giving what amounted to a state of the union address from his perspective, Forbes answered a few questions submitted by students in attendance. In one particularly interesting exchange, Forbes offered his five-point plan for any nation to raise itself from poverty to prosperity in one generation. He pointed to Hong Kong, South Korea and Ireland as examples of nations who have successfully implemented all or most of these essentials.
These five points amount to creating the right environment for people to take risks, start businesses and create wealth (and, thereby, to create jobs).

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