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Doves of a different feather

Doves are as much a part of the Louisiana outdoors as peach trees and pine needles. Two sub-species of doves were captured in the same frame (left photo). The common mourning dove is on the right; the Eurasian Collared Dove is to the left This pair of Inca doves have been regular visitors to this writer’s yard over the past few weeks. This sub-species of dove (right photo) has apparently only recently began moving into north Louisiana.

I grew up with doves. Even as a youngster cutting my teeth down in Goldonna, hearing the soft cooing of mourning doves in June was as much a part of my life as walking out to the garden with a bucket to pick purple hull peas.

There was no dove season back then and hearing the gentle call of these timid gray birds was as natural as hearing the crisp whistle of a bobwhite quail along the back fence row.

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